Saturday, December 10, 2005

Philipose Vaidyar & Jessy

December 2005
Dear Beloved in the Lord,
Loving greetings of the season.
Thank you for the love and concern you had shown and the fellowship you have given to us at different times and in various ways. With the ever increasing responsibilities at work and home I had been trying to keep in touch with you. If you receive this mail kindly reply me so that I will be sure that you are interested in receiving it and I can continue to update you about us.

After the death of my mother on the 8th of November, our problems and tensions had only increased. We as a family appreciate your valuable prayers and see if you can any way help by being part of the ministry we are involved in. Here are some immediate concerns. Some of it are very personal and need to be confidential with this sphere of reference only.

1. My father is under depression and is very critical of evaluating things to his level of analysis which are most of the time wrong and far away from the truth. This is becoming the great concern right now for us. He accuses at different levels. I see this only as an opposition from the evil one. We are very much aware that friends and immediate relatives too can add trouble to us.

2. We too go through a lot of distress. Several times we had to shift to different location due to the nature of the ministry among the unreached people we were pursuing. This has been affecting us in different ways. I am confident that the Lord had called us and had been leading us to be a blessing for several missions. I am willing to relocate to any number of times as part of obeying the heavenly vision and not for material benefits. I will continue to press on in faith until the ministry the Lord had given me is fulfilled with all the weakness and limitations I have. A few feed back I had received on every profile I prepared or article that I wrote or the personal talk I had with people for the sake of the mission among the unreached people of our country, is encouraging to do more and keep doing it even if I do not see the result with my own eyes. The cause I want to pursue is not a comfortable lifetime placement in any organization. And of course, we face the struggle of the daily life too. I will be open to serve many more organizations, if my humble involvement can result in expansion of the ministry among the still unreached people directly or indirectly.

3. As you may know, our son Joash is not yet to be settled or rather, we are not yet settled as to his formal education. We heard there were opportunities in Hyderabad. But to our dismay it was beyond our reach. We are still looking for some alternative learning situation for a longer period where His formal academic development can be attended. (Joash is has SLD in the area of phonemes.- Ignore this if you don't follow this. See link inserted elsewhere).

4. We are looking forward to writing about the least reached people groups of India so that God's people can pray that the Lord will send His labourers to them. If you are interested, we can work on this together. (Kindly read more about this…….. I would like to see an alternative forum of interaction point coming up in the days to come).

5. The family is disbursed now at two places. Jessy and Jerusha, the little child is in Nilambur now. I work here at Hyderabad and manage the home with Joash and Japhia. Pray for us that the Lord will guide us well as to how to proceed, taking the right decision.

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Thank you for reading this and we appreciate your prayers.
With loving regards,
Philipose & Jessy